Coach Santiago

Team Coach

Coach Santi has over 20 yrs of experience in the sport of gymnastics. He has competed in World Championships, worked as an acrobat in Disney's Lion King, and coached other gymnasts to the elite level. He likes spending time with his family and dog Max.

Mrs. Kathi

Office administrator

Ms. Kathi has a history in the sports of gymnastics, running and martial arts. She currently works full time as a PT, but also has a passion for being in the gym helping the kids and parents. She loves spending time with her family, traveling and cooking.

Mrs. Chasity

Office manager

Me. Chasity has years of experience in customer service. When not in the gym, she loves spending time with her boys and going to their games!

Coach Cameron

Rec and tumbling coach

Coach Cameron has experience with tumbling , cheer and stunting! He absolutely loves what he does and is known for his enthusiasm ! When not in the gym he likes dancing and helping his family .

Coach Lia

Team and rec coach

Coach Lia is from Venezuela. She has experience coaching both rec and team kids and is passionate about growing and improving in everything she does! When not in the gym, she loves to be with her family!

Coach Brittany

Rec and tumbling coach

Brittany trained into optional gymnastics herself and knows what it's like to be a gymnast. She also has a background in dance and is very passionate about working with kids !

Coach Emma

Team lead

Emma has years of coaching and admin experience! She has great customer service skills and has a passion for working with kids!

Coach Maria

Team coach

Coach Maria has over 15 years of coaching experience! Her specialty and favorite is balance beam and she also has credentials in judging!

Coach Shannon

Rec coach

Coach Shannon has years of gymnastics and acrobatic experience. He also works at Disney as an acrobat but loves helping the kids grow their talents here in the gym!