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Welcome to United Flip Force Gymnastics! We are a dynamic gymnastics school located in beautiful Clermont FL, just a short drive from Winter Garden, Ocala and Orlando.  We have a strong love for kids and a dedication to the sport of gymnastics! We believe kids should love and enjoy practicing, and parents should get what they pay for. At our facility, we want you and your family to know you are more than just a number - you are part of the team!

Please feel free to call us with any questions, or to schedule a free trial class! 352-989-4839

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page for recent events, news, promotions and/or periodic closings!

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What are you doing to keep people safe during coronavirus?

We continue to keep safety a top priority during COVID 19.   We are still requiring adults to wear masks when in the facility.  Children doing gymnastics do not have to wear a mask, as we do not want to put undue strain on their cardiovascular system.  If you would like to voluntarily show us your vaccine card, we can give you a special band that will allow you to leave your mask at the door.   As soon as we feel we can safely let go of these measures, we will do so.

We have a thermometer/temperature check at the entrance of the facility, and we require that anyone experiencing sick symptoms stay home. We use frequent hand sanitizer and have them strategically placed throughout the building. We also sanitize equipment following classes and at the end of each day.

We do require anyone with a direct exposure to COVID 19 to remain outside of our facility for 14 days to monitor for symptoms.  We also promise to inform you of any direct exposure that you may have to a COVID 19 positive individual in our classes.  If an exposure were to occur, we do require quarantine outside of our facility.  

What makes you different than any other gym?

We offer gymnastics instruction, but we focus on coaching the entire person.  We feel that we are helping to develop young people in mind, body and soul, not just sport.  We focus on a family atmosphere, where we want everyone to feel welcome.

Do any of your coaches have special gymnastics experience?

Coach Santiago has over 25 years experience in the gymnastics world.  He is originally from Dominican Republic, and has experience competing in World Gymnastics Championships, Central American Games, Pan American Games, and College Gymnastics.  He was Athlete of the Year 5 years in a row for Dominican Republic.  

Coach Katlyn reached and competed Level 9 before injury stopped her from continuing. She first met Coach Santiago training under him in the sport, and is now getting experience coaching with him.

Coach Nathalia competed in the Olympics for Colombia and is currently competing on Exatlon on Telemundo. 

Why should we come to your gym?

You will not find a gym or a youth facility in the Central Florida area that cares more about your child or your family, than UFFG does.  It is a family, and a home away from home.


Coach Santiago

Gym Director

Ms. Kathi

Marketing, media and recruitment

Ms. Alissa


Coach Anthony

Team and Rec Coach

Coach Christen

Team and Rec Coach

Coach Nathalia

Team and Rec Coach

Coach Meleeke

Team and Rec Coach

Coach Nelson

Team and Rec Coach

Coach Tania

Team and Rec Coach

Coach Kristy

Team and Rec Coach


Volunteer/Intern coach


Recreational classes

We offer recreational classes for a wide variety of experience levels. These are the classes offered for students ages 3-13 that are looking for an after school activity to stay active, healthy and have fun. We offer preschool, beginner 1 and 2, intermediate/advanced, tumbling beg and tumbling adv.

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Competitive/ J.O. team

Our competitive team is by invitation only. It is for students who are interested in not only excelling in the sport of gymnastics, but also competing with other gymnastics clubs throughout the state and even sometimes the country. Levels vary based on skill, as do schedules and prices.

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Excel Team

The Excel team is also by invitation only. It is also a competition team, however one allowing increased flexibility to accommodate to the gymnast's strengths compared to the requirements of the traditional competitive team. These students do participate in competitions outside of the gym and are divided by level - bronze, silver or gold.

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Open Gym

Open gym is held the 2nd and last Friday of every month at 7 pm. It is 1 hour and costs $10. It is a time block set aside for athletes to come in and work out on their own with only supervision of staff. Participants have the fun and freedom of doing the events they choose, but with only the supervision of staff for safety. No official instruction is provided. Book online or drop in! Watch for Open Gym Special Edition! Currently on hold due to Covid 19

Birthday parties!

Looking for a place for your next birthday party?? We can help! We will set up a group gymnastics work out, including stretch/warm up, amazingly fun obstacle course, set of floor games ... followed by pizza and cake! We provide the fun and the pizza, you provide the kids, cake and any extra decorations! Multiple packages available. Please call for more information, or book online.

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Seasonal camps

Seasonal camps are offered during Spring Break and summer. Recreational camp is offered 5 weeks in the summer, team camp is offered 2 weeks in the summer. Regular camp hours are 9am-3pm, with optional extended day care. Discounts are available for early and multiple week registration. Sibling discount also available.

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