What are you doing to keep people safe during coronavirus?

Following quarantine, we restructured our entire schedule.  We have staggered all of our start and stop times, lowered all of our class ratios (preschool 5, recreational 7, team 9 and below), and are requiring that all adults in the building where masks.  Kids do not have to wear masks for gymnastics.  Families are asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building and kids between rotations, along with washing their hands at the wash station when able, and upon leaving.  
To avoid overcrowding in the lobby, our parents are divided into 2 groups - A and B, group A has viewing time weeks 1 and 3, and group B has viewing time weeks 2 and 4.  Of course, when covid improves, we love to have our parents involved and watching the kids, but for now - safety is paramount.

What makes you different than any other gym?

We offer gymnastics instruction, but we focus on coaching the entire person.  We feel that we are helping to develop young people in mind, body and soul, not just sport.  We focus on a family atmosphere, where we want everyone to feel welcome.

Do any of your coaches have special gymnastics experience?

Coach Santiago has over 25 years experience in the gymnastics world.  He is originally from Dominican Republic, and has experience competing in World Gymnastics Championships, Central American Games, Pan American Games, and College Gymnastics.  He was Athlete of the Year 5 years in a row for Dominican Republic.  

Coach Katlyn and Coach Brittany both reached and competed Level 9-10 before injury stopped them from continuing.  They both first met Coach Santiago training under him in the sport, and now have gotten experience coaching for him.  

Why should we come to your gym?

You will not find a gym or a youth facility in the Central Florida area that cares more about your child or your family, than UFFG does.  It is a family, and a home away from home.