Recreational classes

We offer recreational classes for a wide variety of experience levels. For your 3-5 year olds, we have our preschool classes. Our preschool classes are a mix of fun and an intro to the sport of gymnastics for this younger group. In these classes, the kids learn the basics of gymnastics and movement skills, with fun activities to promote balance, strength, flexibility and coordination! Beginner gymnastics classes - Beginner gymnastics classes are gymnastics classes for your introductory gymnast with no experience. In these classes they will learn the basics of gymnastics with an emphasis on more solid skill development. The kids will do different events: like balance beam, bars, vault, floor and tumble track. Some of the skills these kids will learn are: cartwheels, pull overs, handstands, round offs .... Intermediate/Advanced gymnastics - For those gymnasts that have some prior experience in gymnastics, this class may be more appropriate. The class will still include all events, but will include instruction on slightly more difficult skills. Some of the skills these kids will learn are: back handspring, back hip circle on bars, cartwheel on beam ... Trampoline and tumbling - This class is designed for those kids that only want to focus on floor and trampoline skills. These are the only 2 events completed in during this class. Skills learned in this class can include: cartwheels, round offs, back walk overs, front hand springs, back handsprings ... Pricing - 1x per year registration fee of 40$/family, 1x per wk is $66/mo, 2x per wk is $112/mo and 3x per wk is $147/mo.

Competitive team

While rec programs are fitting for everyone, competitive programs usually require an invitation or try out to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach. Coaches look for physical strength, flexibility, basic skills, motivation, coach ability and sportsmanship. Being on team requires commitment, time, hard work and even financial commitment. If interested in this program, contact our office and set up a try out! Pricing - call for try out

Excel Team

We are now offering Xcel team for those students who are looking for a more flexible competitive option. The Xcel program allows students to compete, forming routines that are more individualized to their strengths and abilities. It allows growth and progression as does the traditional competitive program with more flexibility desired by some people.

Parent's Night Out

Parent's Night Out is the 2nd Friday of each month from 730-10pm. The cost is $20 per child and includes a fun evening of gymnastics and other activities, along with a pizza dinner. Parent's can take advantage and have a date night while their kids have a fun night as well! You can schedule online or call the gym!

Open Gym

Open gym is held the last Friday of every month at 7 pm. It is 1 hour and costs $10. It is a time block set aside for athletes to come in and work out on their own with only supervision of staff. Participants have the fun and freedom of doing the events they choose, but with only the supervision of staff for safety. No official instruction is provided.

Birthday parties!

Looking for a place for your next birthday party?? We can help! We will set up a group gymnastics work out, including stretch/warm up, amazingly fun obstacle course, set of floor games ... followed by pizza and cake! Contact us for further information on pricing.

Seasonal camps

Our seasonal camps are often run during breaks from school - summer, winter and spring. Typical hours of camp are 9-3pm and include rotations of all 4 Olympic events, tumble track, games, arts and crafts and floor games! No registration fee is required. Extended care is available with hours of 745am - 5pm for an additional $10 per day. Extended care does not include gymnastics. Please call gym for pricing!

After School Program

We are currently picking up from Minneola Charter Elementary. The cost of after school is $75 weekly, but includes 2 gymnastics classes per week (Tues and Thurs), along with help with homework and other games/arts and crafts, reading as time allows. Call for availability.